3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet

You’ve bought different formulas ranging from fat burners to cleansers to appetite suppressants before, but you always end up spending an arm and a leg to buy them separately. 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet doesn’t give you the benefit of an all-in-one weight loss blend, but this kit combines 4 different formulas that supposedly help you to lose more weight into one box.

Created by Applied Nutrition, 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet capitalizes on the idea of a doctor developed formula that can change your body in 3 weeks. Of course, an all-in-one would be nice, but 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet sells for just $20, which might very well make 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet the Proactiv of the weight loss world. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what it is 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet has to offer.

The 4 Blend Approach

3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet provides 4 products including a fat burner, carb blocker, colo flush, and bloat-less formula. Ideally, all of these approaches could individually help you to lose more weight.Cleansing can jumpstart weight loss while fat burning and carb blocking are commonly recognized as longer lasting approaches as long as you are on a low carb diet of course.

3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet Fat Burner

The ingredients can be particular. For example, while most diet pills rely on caffeine, caffeine, and then some more caffeine to burn fat, there are plenty of other stimulant-free fat burners that may even be more potent than their stimulant-based competitors. 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet uses a blend of green tea and coffeeberry.

Based on caffeine, these ingredients have been used to increase thermogenic fat burning with at least 400mg of each one. For some though, the side effects associated with caffeine are not something to be discounted or ignored.

3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet Carb Blocker

The Carb Blocker again uses just 2 ingredients, this time including chromium and common white kidney bean. White kidney bean is unquestionably considered to be the most common carb blocker, and chromium controls blood sugar. However, this approach only helps you to lose more weight if you are already on a low carb diet.

Water, Cleansing & 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet

3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet uses 2 formulas that look similar at the very least. Both the Colo Flush and the Bloat-less are based on the same kinds of ingredient: diuretics that flush water out of the system and therefore promote efficient, but not necessarily long lasting weight loss. You could lose a few pounds in a few days and then gain that weight back within the next 2 days.

Do the 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet Formulas Perform?

3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet uses ingredients that have been studied in the past, and the blends are all relatively simple. In fact, there’s no plausible reason why 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet couldn’t combine all of these ingredients into one blend. However, with a $20 price tag, you can’t expect too much.

Judging by the fact that 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet only uses 2 ingredients in the 2 blends that actually promote potentially long lasting weight loss, you should be able to get the clinically proven amounts of everything, but every blend in this kit has proprietary blends. In other words, they hide the amounts.

Some might still assume that 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet has enough of each ingredient, because 1300mg should be more than enough space for 400mg of green tea and 400mg of CoffeeBerry. However, 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet only lists 150mg of caffeine when there should be at least 400mg between those two ingredients, if not more. We suspect that the fat burner blend is hiding quite a few fillers.

Unfortunately, the same problem plagues the carb blocker. 3-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet’s other two formulas are more of diuretics than weight loss supplements, which means that there’s really no reason to have two, or some would say even one. However, overall, you seem to get what you pay for here.