Best Fat Burners for Women

Does your fat burner know that you are woman? Does it know what your body needs and, more importantly, how to get rid of what it doesn’t need?

You need a fat burner that is designed with you in mind – a pill that will burn fat where you store it, give you energy when you need it, and give you more benefits that a generic, unisex pill.

Fat Targeting

Women tend to put on weight on the hips and thighs. A fat burner designed specifically for women would expedite weight loss on those areas, using fat burners with thermogenic qualities.

Men tend to put on weight in the middle section, or belly. This weight is tougher to lose and it is also more dangerous. Doctors say that those who have expressive belly fat are much more at risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

Some women also put on weight in that area, though, so you should expect to see a weight loss pill that will also burn fat from the waist. The final place that many women complain about in terms of fat retention is the buttocks.

Many women complain that no matter how much they try to diet and exercise, this particular area seems unaffected. Men don’t struggle with this as much since their fat is usually collected elsewhere. You should expect to see a fat burner that targets this area, burning fat and improving tone.


Women tend to eat more carbs than men. Unhealthy habits can lead to a collection of toxins in the body. Many women go through “cleanses” to rid their body of harmful substances and start a new diet.

We recommend finding a pill that contains antioxidant and cleansing agents that will help the body get rid of these harmful agents. fat burners for women should have green tea extract and other proven, powerful ingredients to help with this process.

Women are also prone to water retention, especially during menstruation. This means that you feel bloated and fat – though this is actually just fluid that your body won’t release. Antioxidants and mild laxatives will help with this as well.

Breast Enhancement

We all know that when you are trying to lose weight, your breasts seem to diminish first. The best pills will contain ingredients that will aid with breast enhancement and all to your curves as the rest of your gets thinner.

Effective Weight Loss Pills

The world of weight loss pills is extremely varied, and they all have different ways of promoting weight loss depending upon their active ingredients.

Generally, weight loss pills fall into one of three categories: appetite suppressants, fat binders or fat burners.

So which one will work for you?

Just as it is with exercise programs, different approaches to weight loss will work better for you, depending upon your individual lifestyle. As you read the different categories below, keep in mind how your body has lost weight in the past and you’ll be able to find a weight loss supplement that will work best for you.

Appetite Suppressants – Reduce your food cravings

Overeating is a huge contributor to weight gain because once your body processes food into body fat it is 30 percent more difficult to burn the calories. So reducing the desire for food logically would decrease food consumption and lose weight.

Appetite suppressants affect the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that controls appetite, by triggering a feeling that you are full. By reducing food intake, you will lose weight as your calorie intake will be markedly decreased.

Fat Binders – Prevent fat being absorbed

Just as the name suggests, fat binders work by binding to the lipids in the foods that you eat, making them too large of a molecule to pass through the intestinal wall, thus making the fat indigestible.

Taking a proven effective fat binder has been proven to reduce the fat and calories that end up digested and absorbed into the body. Some fat binder weight loss pills do have some side effects, so be sure to read our reviews for more information.

Fat Burners – Increase your metabolism

Fat burners trigger an increase in basal metabolic rate to increase the number of calories burnt event at rest. As such, fat burners usually contain stimulants like ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin as their active ingredients.

Ephedrine has been banned for use in weight loss pills by the FDA because there had been reports of heart attack, stroke, and even death. However, there have been some ingredients developed, like bitter orange, that are supposed to have the same effects as ephedrine without the risks.

All in all, there are many different weight loss pills out there, and if you do a little bit of research there shouldn’t be anything to hold you back from achieving your weight loss goals.



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