How do Fat Burners Work?

Although the idea of a supplemental fat burner may sound appealing, it’s not going to do all the work for you. Understanding how fat burners work and how you can use them in conjunction with healthy living will help you get the best out of your supplement.

What is a Fat Burner?

Fat burners, or “thermogenics” as they’re often referred to as, are weight loss supplements that speed up your metabolism to increase your calorie burn and target adipose tissue specifically. Fat burners are designed to encourage lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) so you can be sure you’re losing “real” weight as opposed to pounds of water or toxic waste.

Common Fat Burner Ingredients

While some of the most potent fat burners contain chemically-derived ingredients, most fat burners tend to take their ingredients from the same natural places. The following is a list of natural fat burning ingredients commonly found in thermogenics:

how do fat burners work?• Bitter Orange
• Guarana
• African Mango
• Capsaicin
• Green Tea

What Results Should I Expect?

Although advertisements show frumpy slobs transform into ultra-ripped fitness models, they were doing a lot more than simply taking a fat burner.

Fat burners will speed up your metabolism and cause your body to break down more fat than usual for energy, but if you’re still snacking on chips and pizza, then you’re efforts are going to be futile and your money’s going to go down the drain.

In order to see significant fat loss results, you’re going to have to combine a fat burner with a nutrient dense, balanced diet, and regular exercise. The fat burner isn’t going to do all the work for you, it’ll simply push you in the right direction.


Fat burners stimulate your metabolism as well as your central nervous system. Because of this, they’re often used by gym-goers who are looking for a boost in the fat-loss department as well as added energy when it comes to their workout.

how do fat burners work?Be warned however, if you take thermogenics pre-workout to enhance your energy, you’re still expending a large amount of energy and you’re going to feel the fatigue after you come down off the fat burner. Make sure to give your body plenty of time to recover post-workout.

Another warning: fat burners can increase your internal body temperature as it speeds up your metabolism and calorie burn. To combat this, up your water intake. Also, fat burners can act diurectics so it’s ultra important to stay hydrated while taking one of these supplements.

Easy Weight Loss Exercises

Exercise always brings a bad taste to everybody’s mouth. It’s one of those words that sends shivers down some folk’s spines.

Unfortunately, the the only proven way to lose weight is to exercise. Some people may sugar-coat it, but there’s no way around it. However, losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. A combination of staying active (there: I didn’t call it exercise), eating healthy (I never liked the word “diet” either) and dietary supplements (weight-loss pills) is an easy way to lose some “size” without too much exer”size”. Here are some ideas:

It’s the Little Things

My sister-in-law lost five pounds on a cruise! She did it by always taking the stairs, rather than the elevator. It’s simple things like that, that will lead to real fat loss.

So, use a push-mower instead of a sit-down one. Park at the far end of the parking-lot (you’ll always find a spot a whole lot faster this way too). If you find a way that technology has made us lazy, use the old-fashioned way.


Weather permitting, walking has always been my favorite mode of transportation. I’ll sometimes leave an hour early to get for work just to enjoy the walk.

Most people that have lost over 50 pounds included walking as a part of their weight-loss regimen. It’s effective and easy. Walking will help you lose weight, improve your mood and save you gas!

Enjoy Life

Participating in regular hobbies is a fun and easy way to lose weight. Even something as simple as scrap-booking will burn calories. Remember: the brain requires energy too, energy that can be provided by burning fat.

If you don’t have a hobby that takes much energy, find one. Wood-working, yoga, or gardening all use more energy–and thus burn more fat–than you’d realize. Whatever you do, don’t let your free time be eaten up by the TV. If you get off the couch, you’ll be able to burn off the pounds.


Dancing is a potent way to lose weight. Hit the town with your girls, take your spouse to a ball, or just play some fun music on your lunch break. You will burn up to 50 calories by the time your first dance is over.

And don’t forget other forms of intimacy as well: every 2 minutes of kissing alone will burn a calorie. And by getting more intimate with your spouse, you will both relieve stress, a major cause of obesity. Your relationship will improve and you may even motivate him to lose some weight!

“Staying Active”

Unfortunately, all diet pills only work with exercise. But the key to “exercising” is really just “staying active”. Losing weight does not have to be difficult!


Fat burners are great for those looking for a supplement to help them shed pounds while dieting and exercising regularly. Don’t fall to the misconception that fat burners are a cure-all but rather be educated on the fact that they increase your metabolism to break down fat calories for energy. When deciding on a safe and effective fat burner, research the ingredients and make sure you’re aware of the side effects that can accompany such a supplement.