Martial Arts for Fitness

Fitness in Australia is a massive industry with the market always expanding to include that latest equipment, diet or program. One style of fitness that has proven popular is that of martial arts with participation numbers in Australia increasing as people feel the benefits of such a sport.

Martial arts refer to the various forms of combat training with Asian descent that train a person in the art of self-defence and combat. Of course, in the modern fitness world, martial arts have been adapted and developed into a blended fitness regime or class that offer all the benefits of martial arts with the physical exertion of an aerobic gym class. Such popular forms of martial arts that have been incorporated into a martial arts based fitness class include kung fu, kick boxing, tae kwon do, karate, boxing, tai chi and muay thai.

Walking past a martial arts gym class can be confronting sight for a person who isn’t familiar with the scene, but its participants boast of its high energy levels, stress reliever and great fitness workout.

A typical martial arts fitness class will involve air punching and kicking with aerobic moves and war cries, all to a strong pulsing beat designed to keep energy levels at their peak. Some of the most popular forms of fitness martial arts classes are Tae BoBoxercise and Body Combat, all of which are still highly popular forms for a total body workout.

Unlike other forms of fitness and exercise, martial arts fitness classes offer a way to releasee daily stress and aggression without body contact an in a safe fun environment. Furthermore, due to their basis in martial arts and dance moves, they tend to have excellent results for improving a person’s strength, quickness and coordination while burning up a high level of calories due to the intense nature of a class, reportedly around 1,000 calories an hour for men on average and a bit less for women.

While most trainers and fitness experts recommended that participants have a fairly good level of fitness before they enter a martial arts fitness class, the benefits of such a class is high as it trains the whole body, boosts endurance while also offering a wholistic approach for wellbeing. What’s more, these fitness classes that pair martial arts with aerobics often have a workout that’s choreographed and repeated for around three months, thereby encouraging people to stay for at least that time period while they learn this routine.

Martial arts as a form of fitness has never been so popular with both the original forms of martial arts remaining popular as a sport and self-defence program, but also as a fun form of fitness that offers more than just a simple workout could.