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Pro Ana tips and tricks have been getting an immense amount of attention in the media and around the world. The new Pro Ana is supposed to be a way to lose weight and feel better about your self. You are given basic guidelines that you should follow in order to achieve a slender more appealing appearance.

Skeptics are stating that this new diet is making more and more people turn towards an eating disorder instead of a diet. While others claim it’s a healthy alternative for them to be able to lose weight and keep it off. The diet works not off the basis of a scale but off of your own perception of yourself. You are told in order to measure the weight that you want to lose, don’t suggest losing the weight as far as by calories or by pounds. Instead take your favorite skinny outfit and do not stop your dieting regimen until you can fit snugly in it. The diet draws more off of your own perception instead of what a scale has to say. Let’s face it we all know that muscle weighs more then fat. Therefore, if you are excessively exercising and appearing to lose weight the scale may seem deceiving when you go to way yourself. People often times get discouraged by the numbers that they read off of their scale, and feel like their exercise regimen for whatever reason is simply not working.

We will never change the fact that people are judged by their appearance. Were not supposed to judge in such a matter but human nature always seems to butt its ugly head and take over what is said to be right and what is said to be wrong. Some of the best pro Ana tips and tricks that you can take from the exercise and dieting regimen are things such as eating more seafood, not eating past 6pm at night, exercising at least 6 days a week, and changing your regular workout regimen. The tips and the trips of the new Pro Ana weight loss regimen have been helping a lot of famous faces. Many actors and singers live by this regimen, so how can skeptics butt their nasty comments into it and say that the routine is just another name for anorexia?

One thing that is mentioned in the tips is something that is kind of disturbing to a lot of people. It mentions getting dieting pills that act like ephedra. Ephedra was outlawed to be horrible for the body and took the lives of many people. So, dictating to people that they need to get something close to it is obviously wrong. Talking about dieting brings back the whole subject of self confidence and the fight to be beautiful. Society has taken its toll on what it believes beauty to be, and most women especially fall subject to the demands of the world. Society is not open to showing real women who naturally are bigger then a size 2. This is why so many people carry a bad complex about themselves.

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